Jordan Agri Ltd, in association with Barrett’s of Coppeen provide a range of nutritious high energy, high protein liquid feeds.




Barrett’s of Coppeen are industry leaders in the manufacture of liquid animal feeds in Ireland. The business is in a continues phase of product development and are now at the forefront of liquid feed technology.

Barrett’s Liqui Feeds are licensed with the Irish Department of Agriculture and all raw materials are UFAS accredited. Ingredients are sourced locally where possible such as condensed whey from the dairy processing industry and protein supplement from the whiskey distilling industry. Wholesome ingredients such as glycerine and molasses are also important ingredients.


                  Sugar Pro Liqui Feeds                 


Sugar Pro Liqui Feeds can help improve the profitability of livestock farming by providing a variety of benefits to your livestock through the use of our natural ingredients, supplying energy, sugar and protein.

Barrett’s Liqui Feeds can improve livestock performance by

  • Increasing the energy density of the overall diet.
  • Improved ration palatability.
  • Improved rumen function.

These benefits will result in livestock:

  • Eating more uniformly / less sorting.
  • Extracting more nutrition from the overall diet.
  • Improved milk production.
  • Gaining body weight more efficiently.


SugarPro Liqui30

SugarPro Liqui30 is designed to balance Dairy rations when Grass Silage is fed with Concentrates in indoor production or during the transition to Grazing. SugarPro Liqui30 is also used in Intensive Beef finishing diets containing quantities of Maize Silage, Wholecrop, Beet & Cereals requiring additional protein and Sugar Supplementation.

Product Benefits:

  • Provides a Sugar boost to intensively fed Finishers.
  • Ideal for Silage based Dairy diets to supplement Sugars and Protein before turnout to grass.
  • Improves feed utilization, allowing more extensive use of available feedstuffs.
  • Higher Feed Efficiency through improved intakes and digestive efficiency.
  • Reduces ration sorting for more consistent intake of nutrients & additives.


SugarPro Liqui20

SugarPro Liqui20 is designed to balance Dairy rations on Grazed Grass when Maize or Wholecrop Silages are fed with Concentrates as a complement to Grazed Grass. SugarPro Liqui20 can also be fed to Beef animals and Growing stock requiring additional protein and Sugar Supplementation.

The Immediate period after an animal enters a farm is the most critical time in the feedlot. Calves experience the greatest amount of stress and disease challenge leading up to and during this period, while feed and nutrient intakes are the most depressed. Proper nutrition is important to supply the immune system with the tools to respond effectively to eliminate or lessen the severity of the disease challenge.


Barrett’s Liqui Feed – Storage Options

A 6 Tonne Carbery Plastic tank is available with a Pump.

You could also source a Steel Tank locally and place it high on walls and use gravity feed to fill your diet feeder.


The view of a Cow Health Professional

Martin Kavanagh, MVB MRCVS, Group Animal Health Consultant

“I have been looking for a sugar source and a safe source of rapidly degradable protein to help balance low sugar and high starch diets.

Sugar content of winter diets in Ireland is often too low for optimal growth of rumen           microbial biomass – this is typical of some grass silages that test well on paper but feed poorly.

Barrett’s Liqui Feeds allow for safer feeding of urea when included in high energy rations   containing maize, grain and wholecrop.  Barrett’s Liqui Feeds feeds give versatility and can get the best out of starchy feeds and low quality forages safely.”

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