Maxammon “A Game Changer in Feeding Animals for Performance” !

The story of Maxammon Grain Additive started for us almost 10 years ago.

My interest in the concept of treating grain for on farm storage started 25 years before that from a conversation I had with a very prominent and well know seed company owner / manager. We were walking out with about 400 others from the annual and well attended Tillage Conference in Kilkenny, when he turned to me and said “did you ever hear such Bull Shit”!!!   I remember looking at him a bit startled. It was my first time at the Tillage conference and the new varieties of Wheat, Barley & Oats and the various weed and disease treatments which was all new to me was most interesting.

Grain been treated with Maxammon
Handful of Maxammon grain

He went on, “when are farmers going to wise up and understand that 90% of the grain they are growing is for feeding livestock, and when are they going to figure out a way of getting that grain in the shortest possible way from the field to the mouth of the animal without incurring all the costs that were then involved in getting it back to the animal in a safe and easy to feed manner. 

He had worked out that it was costing about £70 / tonne for the journey the grain took, before it came back to the grower or his neighbour in a feed, most likely in nut or course mix form, but diluted with other imported sub standard feed ingredients, which were Inferior in every way possible to the high quality locally grown native grain. (There was no mention of “carbon footprint” or “environment” then!) 

I never forgot that conversation and in the 2002 when Volac brought “Home n Dry to our attention, we immediately saw the potential in it for treating grain so that it could avoid all the aforementioned journey and processing and blending. This additive had the 4 P’s . Preservation, Protein, Ph and Profit. A farmer could purchase grain “off the combine” from a local grower. Simply treat it and store it, and end up with a feed for his livestock that was superior in every possible way from any of the compound feeds – nuts or course blends available. That product Home n Dry was in pellet form and while excellent in many ways, sometimes took too long to release the Ammonia necessary for the process.

Maxammon “ A Game Changer ”
Maxammon poster

It was 8 years later when Maxammon was born, and here was a product that was much more reliable. The two key ingredients – the Urease Enzyme and the Urea came separately, and were only combined and mixed with the grain at the time of treatment. This method gave an instant reaction and release of Ammonia, thereby immediately stabilising the grain. A real improvement over the first product. Today we know that it actually has another P which is for “Plus improved digestability. The Action of Maxammon also brakes down the shell and additional bits of hull in the grain and improves that fractions digestability.

maxammon features and benefits chart
Maxammon has been the bench mark since then, and to date we have seen nothing else that brings the reliability and consistency that Maxammon brings to home saved grain treatment. 

Thousands of tonnes of all sorts of grains have been treated successfully with Maxammon by now. Nothing beats it and we certainly would not risk treating our grain or your grain with anything else. It is now considered a “Game Changer” in feeding animals for performance!

Talk to your Jordan Agri Rep today or contact me directly and we will be delighted to share our experiences with Maxammon over the past 10 years, and help you achieve the excellent animal performance enjoyed by all our customers using Maxammon over several years. 

Eoin Jordan.