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Beef farming today demands performance in key production areas such as, growth rate, daily gain, food conversion efficiency (F.C.E) along with traceability. Jordan Agri Ltd range of Beef feeds continues to deliver on these important characteristics.

We have an extensive range of beef feeds which caters for all stages of growth. Our products includes specialist feeds for calf, weanling and replacement heifers. Store production and the finishishing stages of beef are also catered for.

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Barley Beef


Barley Beef is a 14% high Barley content ration. It is a mineral free ration which makes it ideally suitable for diet feeding situations, to supplement with silage, or even feed at grass to give stock that extra boost.



Beef Grower              


Beef Grower is a very palatable coarse ration suitable for weanlings or is an ideal feed for store animals or replacement heifers.It has an optimal level of digestible fibre which encourages rumen function and maximizes the growth potential of the young animal.


Beef Supreme Ad-Lib      


Beef Supreme is manufactured to meet the requirements of feeding in an ad-lib situation. It is a cereal based high energy 15% crude protein feed. Hi-pro Soya bean is the source of undegradable protein, which is vital for rapid muscle development. It contains up to 20% maize which is a key ingredient for achieving a good fat score with bulls under two years old. Beef Supreme also contains “OPTIGEST” which meets in full the animal’s major and minor element requirement s. With the inclusion of Optigest, it makes for an extremely safe feed, helping to avoid digestive upsets and ensuring cattle can be got onto high levels of feed over a very short period of time. Beef Supreme in Liffey’s private trials have given average daily gains (over a 120 cattle sample) of 1.92 kg per head per day, with individual animals gaining over 3 kg per head per day.

Pedigree Ration            


Liffey Mills pedigree ration is tailor made for the high genetic merit animal, it contains a broad spectrum of only high quality ingredients including flaked Barley, hi-pro soya bean, flaked maize, beans and peas.  This formulation combined with a range of specialist additives guarantees optimum growth rates and muscle development.

This ration is 17% protein and is designed to encourage frame size and growth early on in the animals life.  With the carefully selected ingredients used in this mix, it leads to a crunchy coarse ration which is very palatable and allows for consistently high consumption from an early age.  It also contains Yeasacc 1026 aiding higher feed intake with minimal risk of digestive upsets.

The inclusion of our select pedigree mineral, complimented with Liffey Mills OPTIGEST is essential to assist and sustain superior performance and ultimately health.

Beef 15           

beef15plusbagBeef 15 is a cereal based 15% crude protein high energy ration. It is suitable for feeding to a wide range of stock varying from weanlings to finishing cattle.

It contains 60% native ingredients such as barley, wheat, beans and peas, This ration supplies the necessary protein, minerals and vitamins for young cattle to develop over the winter and is also high in energy for finishing stock younger.

Beef Grower            

ContinentalLiffey Mills have added an Innovative Natural growth promoter VIANDI red, sourced in France, extensively trialled by the INRA (French State Agricultural Research Centre). It is based on essential oils and plant extracts that manage the micro flora in the animal’s rumen.

It reduces lactic acid and sub acute acidosis caused by rations rich in cereals. It also reduces the degradation of starch in cereals in the rumen so it passes down into the gut where it is absorbed to better effect. It works best in high starch high cereal rations (lesser effect in rations under 20% starch) the higher the starch the more pronounced the effect.


Balance Ration, Fodder Extra, High Maize, Super Thrive Beef Nut, Optigest and Mize Max Turbo are also available at Jordan Agri..

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Feed also available in 25 kg bags.

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