Jordan Agri Ltd stock a range of products which are developed by top farm nutritionists by our suppliers, to naturally deliver outstanding stock results.


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                      17% Sheep Nut                       



  • High quality feed for mid and late pregnancy.
  • Optimum level of Cereal and digestable fibre.
  • Ideal where one feed suits all.
  • No Cal-Mag.
  • Suitable for upland and mountain flocks.
  • Ideal for feeding hoggets.



              Intensive Lamb Pellets                  



  • 18% Crude Protein.
  • Optimum levels of Starch with quality Cereals.
  • Excellent for pedigree Lamb breeders.
  • Promotes top quality lamb carcass finishes.
  • Suitable levels of digestible fibre for creep feeding.
  • Contains ammonium chloride to prevent urinary calculi.
  • Suitable for feeding at grass, in-house or ad-lib.


          16% Lamb Fattening Nut                



  • High performance lamb finishing nut.
  • Suitable for feeding stores on grass or inhouse.
  • Top quiliaty cereals included.
  • Promotes high intake due to good digestible fibre.
  • Balanced with minerals vitamins and ammonium chloride.
  • Consistent top quality protein energy and fibre sources.



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           Pedigree No 2 Lamb Creep           



  • High quality muesli suitable for all categories of sheep.
  • Recommended for pedigree and commercial lambs/hoggets/rams being intensively fed.
  • Very popular and successful cooked feed, chosen by many top pedigree sheep breeders.
  • Contains cooked soyabeans, peas, barley and maize.



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                Pedigree Lamb Creep                


P1020137This ration is made from the ultimate in feed ingredients to guarantee a consistent, high quality creep feed. Cooked cereals and other quality ingredients are blended with molashine to make this creep feed extremely palatable. Cooked Pedigree Lamb Creep can be fed from about 10 days of age and can be used for the rearing of pedigree lambs. The performance of lambs fed Superthrive Cooked Pedigree Lamb Creep has been proven in trials conducted at UCD, Lyons Research Farm under the supervision of Dr. Frank Crosby. Many breeders using it from birth to sale especially early lamb producers.


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