Crop Packaging

Jordan Agri Ltd stock a very wide range of Farm Plastics. The aim of our crop packaging is to protect the forage stored so it is maintained at it’s highest quality.



Waste not, Want not.

Winter feed in the form of silage or silage bales has always been a valuable resource. If done correctly, pit sheets and wrapping bales in silage stretchfilm form an airtight seal, that creates an ideal ensiling environment for fermenting the crop. Furthermore, if cared for properly, pit and bales retain their oxygen free condition throughout the storage period so that the silage is perfectly preserved until feed-out.

A vital element of the silage process is the selection of a high quality pit covers and balewrap, in order to provide the best protection possible. At Jordan Agri Ltd we provide a range of high quality crop packaging covers.

Silage wrap

Stock included are:

  • Bale Wrap
  • Silage Covers
  • Round Bale Netting
  • Square and Round Bale Twines
  • Silage covers
  • Bird Net
  • Maize sausage bags

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