Jordan Agri Ltd works closely with our suppliers to provide you with the very best minerals for your animals. We provide a comprehensive range of minerals to cater for all livestock and farming situations.

Our products include

✅ Premixes

✅ Bagged Minerals

✅ TMR Minerals ( Total Mix Ration )

✅ Crystalyx

✅ Molassed Mineral buckets licks

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Jordan Agri Ltd in association with Harbro’s innovative high quality livestock solutions, focus on improving animal performance and your profitability.

Energyze Vitality

Aids prevention of twin lamb disease. Improves colostrum quality. Helps produce strong, healthy lambs

Designed to provide instant energy and meet the high nutritional demands of the ewe during late pregnancy, providing the lamb with vital early nutritional support.

Energyze Forage Booster
Bucket of Energyze booster

Energy and nutrient support for the early stages of foetal growth and immunity

Molassed feed bucket that provides instant energy and essential nutrients to support rumen function, forage digestion and utilisation to ensure your flock retains the required body condition.

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Bagged Minerals

Provimi provides quality premixes, pre-starters, starters and concentrates, together with speciality products for the intensive livestock sector.

Provimi’s extensive product range has been developed through years of research within in house research facilities, external centres of excellence and in market.

Provimi have built a large and loyal customer base through:

✅ Providing superior nutritional and technical input.
✅ Delivering relevant products and innovation to the industry, through continuous research and development.

Where to find us.
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