Calf Feed


Jordan Agri has a long established partnership with Ireland’s leading calf feed manufacture. This relationship  allows us to provide an extensive range of innovative quality feeds for our customers.



The early management of an animal’s life will have a significant impact on its lifetime performance including its health, growth, longevity and production potential. Our calf range has been designed to provide calves with the very best start in life. Formulated with the highest quality toasted ingredients they provide the essential nutrients to promote growth and the early development of the rumen. All are fortified with high quality vitamin and mineral packages to help to build a healthy immune system plus yeast additives to enhance digestion and thrive. Formulating a ration is a matter of combining feeds to make a ration that will be eaten in the amount needed to supply the daily nutrient requirements of the animal.



Calf Feed

Calf 20      


Calf 20 has been described by some farmers as the Rolls Royce of calf rations; it’s a top quality starter ration suitable for calves from one week of age.  It’s packed with top quality ingredients such as Soya, Flaked Barley, Peas, Maize and yeast.  Minerals included in this ration are in the form of pellets to guarantee consistency of consumption and support good bone development. It is generously coated with molasses resulting in a coarse non dusty palatable ration.  Calf 20 gives your calf the best possible start in life and is essential if you are aiming for early advanced growth.


Calf 18   

Calf Feed


Our Calf 18 can be used as a starter ration or a follow on ration to Calf 20,  again this is highly nutritious, and contains great sources of digestible energy, and a rich protein of 18%.  At this stage concentrate intake will be increased and so a lower level of protein is sufficient.  It also contains Yeasacc 1026 aiding continuous rumen development.  Calf 18 has proved to be a most popular starter ration with our customers and is normally used up to 12 weeks of age, however if you are aiming for optimum health, strong immunity and early weaning the 2 step program is advisable.

Calf 16    


Our Calf 16 is a follow on from Calf 18 and is most commonly used for weaned calves.  It also contains cooked ingredients ensuring your calf gets the boost that’s needed post weaning.  Calves should be actively growing at this stage in their life and so it’s important to maintain a high quality concentrate diet.

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