I set up Jordan Agri in 2003 after working for Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd for almost two years.

Coming home and starting your own business from scratch at 25 was certainly a pretty daunting task and it has certainly been a huge learning experience over the years since then.

I had established some supplier contacts relationships before I made the decision to go out on my own and these suppliers helped me to have a portfolio of products that I could offer to farmers in my area.

From slow beginnings and a one man operation from my parent’s garage, the business grew and developed over the years to where we are today. After 18 months in business my brother Michael came on board to help run the office side of the business and to take care of deliveries. This remained the case for the next 5-6 years.

As the business expanded over the years we realised we needed to have a full time person for deliveries. When Martin came in to help out with a few days deliveries, little did he realise that he’d be still with us on a full time basis doing deliveries for us all year round.

As farming and farmers have diversified over the years so too has Jordan Agri. We realised that we needed to offer a more comprehensive range of products to all our farming customers so with that in mind we teamed up with my old boss Maurice Smiddy in Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd to help us get access to a wider and better range of products to help grow our own business and that of our customers.

This association with Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd and Barrett Agri, has given us a much better portfolio of products to sell to our customers who are always looking for new products and advice to help develop their own businesses and to make them the leaders in their chosen field.

Apart from having an extensive portfolio of crop husbandry products, we are also recognised for the quality of our agronomic advice and crop walking services that we provide.

Our more extensive range of products now include market leading products such as:

✅ Maxammon – Grain Enhancement Products and Feed

✅ OMEX Liquid fertiliser 

✅ Watsons Grass Seed Mixtures

✅ Lactalis Milk Replacer Products

As well as an extensive range of livestock materials, crop packaging products, calf rearing products including starter feeds.

With a wider range of products to sell, you need a team of dedicated, well-educated and knowledgeable sales reps to bring your products to the customers. Firstly our suppliers have to educate us about the virtues of their products and then our team have to call to their customers to extol the benefits that these products will bring to their farming enterprises.

Our team consists of Mick and Nina in the office, Martin on our delivery van, Laurence Farrell  as our Sales Rep. We place a lot of emphasis on training our reps so as that they have the correct information about the products that they sell so as they can pass this information on to our customers. This is of huge importance as without the support from our suppliers and our loyal farming customers who buy their inputs from us we are unable to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.