Rats and mice have long been a problem on farms where food and nesting sites are plentiful. These animals consume and contaminate food destined for livestock and other animals, as well as humans.

The most effective way of controlling rats is to implement a planned baiting program, our staff at Jordan Agri Ltd can help you with this.

[rad-hl]                         Storm                     [/rad-hl]


Storm is a potent anti-coagulant rodenticide effective against all species of rats and mice, including those resistant to other products.

Storm will kill rats and mice following a single feed but death occurs after several days, therefore bait shyness and the need for prebaiting are avoided. Storm is ready to use and should not be diluted by the addition of other foodstuffs.

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[rad-hl]                        Rodilon                   [/rad-hl]


Rodilon is highly palatable and effective. Because it comes in four different baiting options, it provides a solution for most indoor situations where rats and mice are a problem. Rodilon’s pioneering new active substance, difethialone, works like no other anticoagulant because of its molecular configuration. When genetic mutation occurs, Rodilon is still able to bind to the rodent’s liver enzyme, unlike other well known anticoagulants.

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[rad-hl]                    Nexosorexa               [/rad-hl]


Neosorexa Gold is a palatable all purpose rodenticide based on the advanced anticoagulant, difenacoum. Neosorexa Gold is equally effective against mice and rats, it controls strains resistant to some other anticoagulants. Two or more feeds are required to produce a delayed mortality (4-10 days): most rodents die in their burrows out of sight. Before laying bait, throughly explore the site to locate centres of infestation, runways and burrows.

All sizes stocked

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