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Milk yield and composition, along with the cow’s health and fertility status, are just some of the key areas that need to be considered when formulating dairy feeds. In more recent years, the introduction of alternative forages such as maize silage and whole crop wheat into dairy cow diets brought fresh challenges in the area of dairy cow nutrition.

Jordan Agri Ltd has brought to the market a range of Dairy Balancer Feeds, which enables dairy farmers to maximize the benefits of alternative forages such as whole crop wheat, forage maize and fodder beet. 

Coarse Mix 
 Dairy Care 20%

A superior 20% coarse ration formulated for those in winter milk and or early and late lactation period, also accommodating for the requirements of high potential in calf heifers calving down at two years of age that need that extra push in terms of growth and condition score. Its formulation is prided on its simplicity, Barley and Soya Hulls providing energy and fibre content with Soya Bean and Maize Gluten prodimently make up its high protein levels. This ration will put both litres in your tank and condition your incalf heifers. This ration can be purchased with a pre-calver mineral, a standard mineral or indeed mineral free if required.

Dairy 20%  

Dairy 20% is a high energy and palatable feed aimed towards high yielding herds.  Dairy 20 contains high levels of Soya bean, to provide a top quality source of protein.  Because of its high energy and protein values, sustainable milk yields can be obtained through the winter months with little or no negative effects on the cows condition score. This ration also contains standard vitamins, minerals and cal-mag.

    Dairy 18%   

This is a high energy 18% coarse ration for medium to high yielding cows on silage or grass based diet. Over 40% of this ration is made from native cereals with the inclusion of citrus pulp, beans and distiller pellets to increase the flow through bins and augers.  It is high in digestible fibre and so increased feeding rates in winter months can be easily achieved.  This ration also contains standard vitamins, minerals and cal-mag

Dairy Boost Parlour Mix 

This a very competitively priced, high energy 16% coarse ration designed for cows on a grass based diet, It contains both rolled and flaked Barley, accounting for 40% of the ration balanced with maize gluten  and distiller pellets for protein with soya hulls and citrus as a source of digestible fibre. Many of the ingredients chosen for this coarse ration are of a nut texture, making it ideal for parlour feeding. This ration comes as standard with vitamins, minerals and cal-mag.

Grazing Mix 
Graze Plus 

Is a 14% HIGH energy cube and most commonly used throughout the grazing season. It is packed with native cereals such as Barley and Wheat and contains highly digestible fibres, such as citrus pulp, which is essential to balance young spring grass thats high in both energy and protein but low in fibre.  Vitamins, minerals and cal-mag are set at a high level to ensure that cows receive adequate levels in a low feeding rate.

 Graze Lac      

Is a competitively priced 14% dairy cube designed for cows on good quality grass. This cube is also suitable to maintain yields if grass supply is scarce in midsummer and comes as standard with cal-mag, vitamins and minerals. This cube is tailored for the average yielding herd.

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Feed also available in 25 kg bags.

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