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Jordan Agri Ltd Carlow are distributors for Omex Liquid Fertilisers in Southern Ireland.  Omex advanced liquid fertiliser formulations coupled with significant improvements in Sprayer Technology have brought Liquid Fertiliser Application into favour again. The key benefits of greater accuracy, reduced leaching, improved speed and mode of uptake, and simple application,  have increased usage of Liquid Fertiliser in the UK to 25% of total fertiliser applied by UK farmers. From small beginnings in 2016 in the north east of Ireland the volume jumped 10 fold in 2017, and is predicted to rise significantly again in 2018.  Recently when farmers in that north east region of Ireland were asked for their views having used OMEX Nitroflo for the previous 2 years, they said they would not be returning to granular bagged product.  A key benefit was found in Ireland at 2017 in Winter Barley crops when many farmers suffered a yield reduction that year because of the unusually dry spring in 2017.  Poor uptake of Nitrogen because of the dry weather at time of application is considered a major cause of the yield drop in Winter Barley.  Interestingly those that applied Liquid Nitroflo in the spring of 2017 did not suffer a yield reduction and maintained yields similar to their 2016 crops.  While Liquid Fertiliser is considered very much a tillage man Fertiliser, recent work on some of the bigger dairy farms in the UK is showing advantages in terms of reliability in speed of uptake by the plant over granular product.  By applying  fertiliser in liquid form and because it is more immediately available to the grass roots, (particularly in dry weather) it was taken up by the plant quicker and the result was more tonnes of grass dry matter in the paddocks when cows were left in to graze in normal length rotations.  Overall this means more tonnes of grass DM and more consistant quality over the grazing period as grass will grow more evenly.  This will certainly be of interest to many Irish Dairy Farmers.

( See Dan Lovatt  UK Dairy Farmer Dan Lovatt APPROVED (002) )

Liquid Fertilisers = More efficient fertiliser.

Liquid fertiliser is easy to store, simple to apply, and can be targeted with an accuracy that traditional solid fertiliser just can’t match. More and more agricultural producers are turning to the efficiency of liquid fertiliser, saving time, money and manpower.

Tractor spraying liquid fertiliser

The OMEX range of liquid nitrogen fertilisers has been specially formulated to offer some of the most concentrated liquid nitrogen nutrition available.

The benefits of Nitroflo liquid nitrogen for farming include:

Up to 20% more accurate application compared to solid alternatives, with increased tramline widths up to 36m. Increased accuracy means reduced waste

Three liquid nitrogen sources – ammonium, nitrate and urea

Reduced leaching

Reduced man hours – one person operation with no heavy bags

Simple application even in bad weather: liquid fertiliser can be applied when solid alternatives can’t

Optional tank storage scheme for better logistics and space management

OMEX liquid fertiliser been sprayed
Benefits of Nitroflo Liquid Fertiliser

• The OMEX Nitroflo liquid fertiliser range includes some of the most concentrated products available.

• They are delivered for farmer application and offer many advantages over conventional solid fertiliser application in terms of accuracy, consistency and ease of use.

• By using OMEX solution fertilisers, farmers save time, protect the environment, comply with NVZ and Cross Compliance requirements and maximise crop yields.

• All OMEX solution fertilisers are supplied in bulk, eliminating packaging and the need to recycle waste,
and provide major handling and storage advantages over solid fertilisers.

Potential Fixed Cost Savings

• No offloading with a forklift

• No storage in a secure building

• No re-loading and carting to field

• No dust, no bag disposal

• No wastage (unused fertiliser is returned to the tank)

• No need for a second man to re-load the spreader

Frequently Asked Questions and Comments

Q “Isn’t liquid fertiliser often associated with scorch?”
A Current application methods have virtually eliminated scorch and by following a few simple
guidelines, scorch is not a problem.

Q “Surely liquid nitrogen is too expensive?”
A The price of OMEX liquid nitrogen has for many years been competitive against UK produced
ammonium nitrate.

Q “Liquid nitrogen is corrosive.”
A All nitrogen fertilisers can be mildly corrosive to unprotected steel.
By cleaning down a sprayer after applying fertiliser, the sprayer condition will deteriorate no more
than if it was used for conventional spraying alone.

Q “There is a risk of urea volatilising in warm weather.”
A The Nitroflo range contains liquid urea which rapidly enters the soil and is stabilised, reducing the
risk of ammonium losses compared to solid urea,

Q “Isn’t it expensive to convert to liquid?”
A The cost of converting should be as little as the cost of a concrete plinth for a storage tank and a
set of nozzles. The storage site will be assessed by OMEX to establish whether the tank should
have a bund, and the sprayer supplier will confirm whether any modifications are necessary.

Graph of OMEX trials

Trials Results

A large series of trials comparing soil with foliar
application demonstrated the increased effectiveness
and reliability of Protein Plus application. Foliar urea
products, such as Protein Plus, produced twice the
increase in protein than that achieved by soil application.

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