Maize 2021

Forage Maize now more than ever must be considered by dairy and beef live stock farmers.   
It has a vital place in the diet where optimal animal performance and excellent animal health are paramount to success. Maize brings a base line of consistent quality nutrition to the diet of Dairy Cows, so important now as we move into an era where further expansion may more likely come from higher yields of high quality milk, rather than from further increases in cow numbers. 

Maize growing in a field

Maize has proven itself in Ireland over the past 30 years. Consistent high yields of high quality starch \ high energy forage that cows love.

It is the ideal complement to grass silage and lush Spring grass. 

Top dairy farmers insist on maize silage in the diet and insist on having enough to take them right from calving to when cows are scanned in calf again.


They will tell you themselves, that it puts a floor of quality nutrition into the total daily diet that cows really respond to and can rely on for consistent energy supply from start of lactation to cows scanned back in calf.

Maize grown in trials
Maize Trials

 Maize varieties have progressed hugely over that 30 years and today plant breeders like Pioneer are now concentrating on improving Maize starch quality & starch type to ensure far higher levels of rumen degradation of the starch, thereby further improving animal performance.

This is something farmers will be very interested in as again, it’s a big performance improvement breakthrough.

For full details and the most up to date information & knowledge on Forage Maize for 2021, talk to Eoin on 086 3844606    

Sowing maize under plastic
Sowing under plastic

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