Spring and winter recommended varieties.

Jordan Agri Ltd examine the recommended list every year, we pick out the top varieties on both yield and agronomic traits. We can help you the farmer to select the best variety for your site, situation and farming system.

Seeding rates, due to the variance of the thousand grain weight, seed rates vary dramatically from year to year. To work out the correct seedings rate use the equation below

( Target plant population x TGW divided by Est plant establishment % )

or contact your local Area Representative for more details.


A Swedish variety with moderately short straw, susceptible to lodging and to straw breakdown. Very susceptible to mildew and susceptible to crown rust.  Excellent grain quality.


A very high yielding early maturing German variety. Good resistance to lodging and moderate resistance to straw breakdown. Very good resistance to mildew and susceptible to crown rust. Good grain quality.


An early maturing very high yielding German variety with short straw and good resistance to lodging but moderately susceptible to straw breakdown.   Moderately resistant to mildew and susceptible to crown rust.  Very good grain quality.

WPB Isabel

A very high yielding Dutch variety. Very good resistance to lodging and straw breakdown. Moderately resistant to mildew and crown rust. Excellent grain quality.

For more agronomy information regarding seed variety, rate, herbicide, fungicides, pesticides and nutrients please contact our Team of experts as these change on an annual basis.

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