Feeding high rates of Maxammon cereals safely when forage is tight

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  • For those currently getting short on forage or not able to get to grass full time and already feeding 4 to 6 kg of Maxammon cereals to Dairy cows, you can easily increase rates per day to 9-10Kg while maintaining performance and animal/rumen health.
  • This will require subtle changes to feeding management in the herd. Cows must still receive some long fibre, and this can be supplied as straw or hay if little or no silage or maize is available.
  • The higher rates of Maxammon cereals are perfectly safe when introduced gradually. If you are currently feeding between 4 and 6 kg per day, then increase this by 1 additional kg per day until you reach your target level.
  • If no silages or grazing are available, then the 9-10kg of Maxammon cereals will need to be complemented with 4 kg of straw or hay along with the appropriate amount of protein supplementation to match your cow’s requirements.
  • The high pH in the Maxammon cereals will help to maintain a healthy rumen environment and insure that even on high concentrate levels no digestive upsets occur.
  • If using a mixer wagon the Maxammon cereal can be incorporated in a mix with the straw/hay and bound together with water or a liquid feed.
  • For those not using a mixer wagon, then the Maxammon cereals can be fed in 2-3 feeds along with the hay/straw along with additional concentrates in parlour.